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Ways to save on tax prep fees

  1. Have all paperwork together at the same time.
  2. Look at last years tax return to be sure all 1099's have been received.
  3. Have expenses totaled up.
  4. Have mileage numbers available: total and business miles for each vehicle used.    
  5. Have closing statements on any sale or purchase of a home.
  6. Have contributions split between cash and non-cash.
  7. Have details on any non-cash contributions over $500: date purchased, original value, current fair market value, and date donated.
  8. Have any estimated tax payments listed by date and amounts.
  9. Have property tax payments included that were paid within the year of the tax return (not the property tax year.)
  10. Have details on any stock sold including date purchased and original cost.
1302 Waugh Dr. #498 Houston TX 77019